Q-2, r. 0.1 - Regulation respecting activities in wetlands, bodies of water and sensitive areas

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33.5. The construction of a deflector in the littoral zone must be carried out at a point where the littoral zone is no wider than 4.5 m.
The same applies for the construction of a weir, unless it is associated with a culvert installed by the minister responsible for the Act respecting roads (chapter V-9) and is aimed at permitting the free circulation of fish, in which case 2 weirs may be installed within a distance corresponding to 4 times the opening of the culvert.
A weir must be equipped with a notch and, once installed, may not cause the water level between the areas upstream and downstream of the work to vary by more than 20 cm from the water line.
O.C. 1596-2021, s. 40.