P-9.3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting permits and certificates for the sale and use of pesticides

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55.3. A monetary administrative penalty of $250 in the case of a natural person and $1,000 in any other case may be imposed on every person who fails
(1)  to send a declaration or provide information or a document required by this Regulation, or to comply with the time limits and procedure for the filing or sending, if no other monetary administrative penalty is provided for such a case;
(2)  to keep an agronomic prescription in accordance with section 44.1;
(3)  to keep information or a document in a register referred to in this Regulation for the period prescribed by section 52;
(4)  to keep a map in accordance with the second paragraph of section 53.
O.C. 990-2023, s. 29.