P-42, r. 9 - Artificial Insemination of Cattle Regulation

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34. A semen collection permit holder shall keep a record containing the documents relating to his operations.
Such documents shall include:
(1)  for each breeding bull staying in the establishment where activities under permit are carried out:
(a)  its name and registration number;
(b)  its date of birth and breed;
(c)  its place of origin, the name and address of the seller or owner;
(d)  the date of its admission and the date it began service;
(e)  the pedigree of the animal and the results of the young sires proving program to which he was submitted;
(f)  the percentage of females inseminated once without being reinseminated between the 60th and 90th days following;
(g)  the date, nature and results of examinations, the name and address of the person who carried out the examinations, and where applicable, the diagnoses and the treatments prescribed;
(h)  the date and cause of death or extermination and manner of disposal of the carcass;
(i)  a certificate issued by a laboratory establishing its blood types and certifying the authenticity of the pedigree;
(j)  the registration certificate of any bull registered in the stud books of a breeders association;
(2)  for each ejaculate collected in the establishment where the activities under permit are carried out:
(a)  the identity of the bull, the name and address of the owner of the animal, where the bull is not owned by the permit holder;
(b)  the time at which the collection was made;
(c)  the name or initials of the person responsible for the collection and for each operation or examination to which the semen is subjected, the date and nature of such operations or examinations and the result of such examinations;
(d)  the volume of semen collected, rejected or conditioned, its concentration and degree of dilution;
(e)  the results of the quality tests carried out on fresh and frozen semen, including the results of the spermogram giving the concentration and motility.
O.C. 690-88, s. 34.