P-42, r. 9 - Artificial Insemination of Cattle Regulation

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20. A semen collection permit holder shall, before admitting a bull to an establishment where activities are carried out under permit, obtain a certificate signed by a veterinary surgeon to the effect that:
(1)  in the case of a breeding bull, it is free from any defect of the genital organs or any hereditary disorder that is visible, known to him or that he suspects;
(2)  within 30 days before its admission, the bull had undergone tests proving that it was free from:
(a)  tuberculosis;
(b)  brucellosis;
(c)  leptospirosis;
(d)  malignant catarrh;
(e)  paratuberculosis;
(f)  bovine leucosis;
(3)  the herd from which the bull comes is free from any clinical sign of infectious disease.
O.C. 690-88, s. 20.