P-42, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the identification and traceability of certain animals

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3. The chip tag, printed tag and blank tag used to identify the animals must have the following features:
(1)   be made of non-toxic materials and be fitted with a fastener;
(2)   be designed so as to remain on the animal on which they are affixed at all times;
(3)  not be easily modified or falsified;
(4)   not be easily counterfeit;
(5)  be of the single-use type;
(6)  show a sketch of the fleur-de-lys.
The chip tag and the printed tag must bear the same easy-to-read identification number assigned by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
O.C. 205-2002, s. 3; O.C. 161-2004, s. 4; O.C. 66-2009, s. 6.