P-42, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the identification and traceability of certain animals

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25. A slaughterhouse operator may receive an unidentified animal from outside Canada for immediate slaughter. In that case, the operator must send the following information to the Minister or, as the case may be, the management body, within 7 days after the animal’s arrival at the slaughterhouse:
(1)  the operator’s name, address and stakeholder number;
(2)  the date of the animal’s arrival at the slaughterhouse, the name and address of the owner or custodian prior to transportation and the place from which the animal originates;
(3)  the registration number of the vehicle and, where applicable, the registration number of the trailer or semi-trailer used to transport the animal to the slaughterhouse, as well as the name and address of the carrier; and
(4)  whether the animal is a bovine or an ovine or, in the case of a cervid, its species.
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