P-42, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the identification and traceability of certain animals

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2. The animal identification system managed by the Minister or, as the case may be, the management body, contains the following information in respect of each animal:
(1)  the name and address of the operation of origin and any other information enabling the animal’s owner to be contacted;
(2)  the name, address and stakeholder number of every owner or custodian of the animal and any other useful contact information, the type of activity carried on by the owner or custodian and, where applicable, the date on which the owner or custodian ceases activities;
(3)  the registration number of every agricultural operation registered under Division II of the Regulation respecting the registration of agricultural operations and the payment of property taxes and compensations (chapter M-14, r. 1), where the animal is kept;
(4)  if an operation comprises more than one production site, the address and site number of each site;
(5)  the number and class of any licence issued to every owner or custodian of the animal under section 42 of the Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife (chapter C-61.1);
(6)  the date of every application for and issue of tags;
(7)  every identification of the animal, including identification recognized under another identification system established by the Government of Canada or the government of another province or Canadian territory, or by the competent authority of the country of origin;
(8)  every date of identification of the animal;
(9)  the address and number of every site where the animal is kept;
(10)  whether the animal is a bovine or an ovine or, in the case of a cervid, its species;
(11)  the animal’s date of birth or, if the animal is a bovine or ovine from outside Québec, its date of birth or weight;
(12)  every category to which the animal belongs;
(13)  the animal’s sex;
(14)  the date and time of all of the animal’s movements and the address and site number of every site from and to which it is moved;
(15)  the number of every movement permit issued pursuant to section 76 of the Health of Animals Regulations (C.R.C. c. 296);
(16)  the registration number of every vehicle and, where applicable, the registration number of every trailer or semi-trailer used to transport the animal;
(17)  if the animal disappears, the date on which the disappearance becomes known;
(18)  the address and number of the site at which the animal dies and the date of death or, if unknown, the date on which the death is discovered; and
(19)  any information sent under this Regulation.
O.C. 205-2002, s. 2; O.C. 161-2004, s. 3; O.C. 66-2009, s. 4.