P-42, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the identification and traceability of certain animals

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12. An owner or custodian of animals who, because of invalid tags, identifies an animal or causes an animal to be identified again in an operation, as well as an operator of an establishment for livestock auctions who, because of tags lost in the establishment or during transportation to the establishment, again identifies an animal no longer bearing tags or causes such an animal to be identified again must, within 7 days after the identification or before the animal is removed from the operation, whichever is earlier, send the following information to the Minister or, as the case may be, the management body:
(1)  the name, address and stakeholder number of the owner, custodian or operator;
(2)  the name and address of the operation or establishment;
(3)  the numbers of the replaced tags;
(4)  the numbers of the new tags;
(5)  the date on which the animal was identified again; and
(6)  whether the animal is a bovine or an ovine or, in the case of a cervid, its species.
If tags become invalid outside the operation or, in the case of the operator, tags are lost during transportation to the operator’s establishment, the following information must also be sent:
(1)  the date on which the animal is received at the operation or establishment, the name and address of the owner or custodian prior to transportation and the address and number of the site from which the animal originates;
(2)  the registration number of the vehicle and, where applicable, the registration number of the trailer or semi-trailer used to transport the animal, and the name and address of the carrier; and
(3)  the number of the movement permit issued pursuant to section 76 of the Health of Animals Regulations (C.R.C. c. 296).
An operator of a slaughterhouse receiving an animal that lost its tags during transportation to the slaughterhouse must, within 7 days of the animal’s arrival, send to the Minister or, as the case may be, the management body, the information referred to in subparagraphs 1, 2 and 6 of the first paragraph and in the second paragraph, with the necessary modifications.
Supporting documents that evidence the origin of the animal must be kept at the operation, establishment or slaughterhouse. They must be kept for at least 10 years in chronological order from the day they are received or drawn up and be shown to an inspector on request.
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