P-42, r. 10 - Regulation respecting medicinal premixes and medicinal foods for animals

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(s. 30.5)



pursuant to: * Animal Health Protection Act (chapter P-42, s. 55.15)
* Marine Products Processing Act (chapter T-11.01, s. 45, par. 5)

Name and address of person in charge Report No.

Considering seizure carried out on
(Minutes No.)
pursuant to the above mentioned Act, on

(animals, products, projects or equipment)
then in the possession of
(name and address)
and presently in the custody of
(name and address
Considering that, since the date of the seizure and after verification, it appears that, in respect of the items listed below:
* the animals *, products *, objects * or equipment * comply with the Act;
* the owner *, possessor * or custodian * has complied with the Act;
* the time period prescribed in the Act to institute proceedings is expired;
* the seized items must be returned under another Act;
Therefore, a release of the seizure is granted on:

(animals, products, objects or equipment)
Made in triplicate at on

(signature of authorized person)


(telephone) (fax)
O.C. 1633-92, s. 21; O.C. 1829-93, s. 5.