P-41.1, r. 5 - Guidelines respecting odours caused by manure from agricultural activities

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The nature of the farm manure and the equipment used are the determining factors in the separation distances to respect for spreading. The distances proposed in the following table are a compromise between spreading practices and protection of other uses in rural areas. The use of sprinklers or cannons is prohibited under the provisions of the regulations of the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs. Farm manure must be spread in keeping with the separation distances appearing in the following table:
Separation distances for spreading farm manure5


Distance required from any dwelling,
urbanization perimeter or protected
immovable (m)

Type Spreading method 15 June to Other
15 August times

liquid manure left
on the surface 75 25
aero- more than 24 h
L (tank) ___________________________________
I liquid manure
Q incorporated within 25 X6
U less than 24 h
I _________________________________________________
D by spray bar 25 X
sprinkling by drop pipe X X
simultaneous incorporation X X

fresh, left on the surface more
S than 24h 75 X
O _________________________________________________
L fresh, incorporated within less
I than 24h X X
D _________________________________________________
deodorized compost X X
5 No separation distance is required for uninhabited zones in an urbanization perimeter.
6 X = Spreading permitted up to field limits.
M.O. 2003-012, s. 6.