P-41.1, r. 5 - Guidelines respecting odours caused by manure from agricultural activities

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Number of livestock units (parameter A)
(1) For the purposes of determining parameter A, the animals listed in the table below are equivalent to one livestock unit in relation to the number prescribed.
(2) For any other animal species, an animal weighing 500 kg or more or a livestock group of that species whose total weight is 500 kg is equivalent to one livestock unit.
(3) When a weight is given in this Schedule, it refers to the expected weight of the animal at the end of the livestock period.


Livestock group or category Number of animals
equivalent to one
livestock unit

Cow, bull, horse 1

Calves weighing 225 to 500 kg each 2

Calves weighing less than 225 kg each 5

Breeder hogs weighing 20 to 100 kg each 5

Piglets weighing less than 20 kg each 25

Sows and piglets not weaned in the year 4

Hens or roosters 125

Broiler chickens 250

Started puletts 250

Quails 1500

Pheasants 300

Broiler turkeys weighing 5 to
5.5 kg each 100

Broiler turkeys weighing 8.5 to
10 kg each 75

Broiler turkeys weighing 13 kg each 50

Female mink excluding males and young 100

Vixen excluding males and young 40

Sheep and yearling lambs 4

Goats and yearling kids 6

Female rabbits excluding males and young 40
M.O. 2003-012, sch. A.