P-41.1, r. 1 - Preservation of Agricultural Land and Agricultural Activities Regulation

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9. Under Division V of the Act, application for a permit shall be made on the form in Schedule VI, and shall provide the following information:
(1)  the name, address or head office, social insurance number and telephone number of the applicant;
(2)  the name, address or head office and telephone number of the owner if he is not the applicant;
(3)  the name, address and head office, telephone number and occupation of the mandatary, if any;
(4)  the designation of the lot covered by the application, including the lot number, the range if any, the cadastre, the area of the lot and the municipality in which it is located;
(5)  the present use of the lot covered;
(6)  the use of lots contiguous to the lot covered or lots deemed contiguous by the Act;
(7)  the area already operated by the applicant for removal of topsoil, if any;
(8)  the area covered by the application;
(9)  the total volume of topsoil to be removed;
(10)  the number of the previous permit held by the applicant and its date of issue;
(11)  the operation planned and the operating techniques to be used;
(12)  a list of the documents attached;
(13)  the applicant’s attestation that the information furnished in his application is accurate.
The form prescribed by the first paragraph shall be accompanied by the following documents:
(1)  a general plan indicating:
(a)  the cardinal points;
(b)  the area of operations, including the placing of equipment, loading and unloading zones, storages zones and the municipal zoning of the land where the operation is located;
(c)  the cadastre number of the lot or lots where the operation is located, indicating the measurements of each side of the proposed area of operations and the boundaries and lots located less than 200 m from the area of operations and the municipal zoning of the territory;
(d)  the names and routes of the public roads, the access roads planned, existing and to be constructed, the watercourses or lakes, the location of wells and the nature of any agricultural construction located within the perimeter defined in subparagraph c;
(e)  the date on which the general plan was drawn up;
(f)  the boundaries of the property over which the applicant has operating rights;
(g)  a plan of restoration of the lot to be developed which, when carried out, will enable it to retain its agricultural purpose, notwithstanding the operations planned by the applicant;
(2)  a certified cheque payable to the Minister of Finance in the amount set by section 19.
O.C. 1163-84, s. 9.