P-30.01, r. 2 - Petroleum Products Regulation

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4. Automotive ethanol fuel is composed, depending on the season, of 50% to 80% by volume of denatured fuel ethanol and 50% to 15% of gasoline. It is for use in flexible fuel vehicles over a wide range of climatic conditions. It is not for use in vehicles designed to operate on automobile gasoline containing not more than 10% by volume of ethanol.
It must comply with Canadian General Standards Board standard CAN/CGSB-3.512-2013 - Automotive Ethanol Fuel (E50-E85).
A flexible fuel vehicle means a vehicle specifically designed by the original manufacturer or the manufacturer of record to operate on a fuel blend consisting nominally of 0% to 85% by volume of denatured alcohol and 100% to 15% by volume of gasoline.
O.C. 581-2015, s. 4.