P-30.01, r. 2 - Petroleum Products Regulation

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14. Type 2 aviation fuel (aviation turbine fuel) is composed of conventional hydrocarbons, synthetic hydrocarbons, naturally occurring products other than petroleum hydrocarbons and additives. It includes the following sub-types:
(1)  sub-type 1: kerosene type aviation turbine fuel (grades JET A and JET A-1);
(2)  sub-type 2: wide-cut aviation turbine fuel (grade JET B);
(3)  sub-type 3: aviation turbine fuel (military grades F-34 and F-44).
Synthetic hydrocarbons means fuels including hydrocarbons derived from non-petroleum sources such as biomass, natural gas, coal, fats and oils by processes such as gasification, reforming, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, hydroprocessing or hydrocracking, used in particular in aviation turbine fuels, diesel fuels and light heating oils.
O.C. 581-2015, s. 14.