P-29, r. 2 - Regulation respecting bottled water

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18. Information: The container of water contemplated in this Regulation or the label affixed to such container must bear, in indelible and readily legible characters:
(a)  the trade name;
(b)  the correct name of the water as well as the designations relating thereto in accordance with sections 7 to 15, in identical characters and at least one-half as high as those used for the trade name and in proximity to the latter;
(c)  the exact quantity of the product expressed in volumetric units;
(d)  as applicable, the mention “coming from” or “water from the public distribution of” followed by the name of the municipality and the municipal county, if any, where the spring, well or waterworks is located;
(e)  a lot number or the date of bottling;
(f)  the mention “bottled by” followed by the name of the bottler or the mention “bottled for” followed by the name of the distributor;
(g)  in the case of water imported into Québec, the name of the country of origin and of the importer;
(h)  treatments other than decantation or filtration;
(i)  in the case of “mineral water”, “spring water” and water bearing the designation “mineralized”: the mineral salts content in milligrams per litre and the mineralization of water as bottled by indicating the concentrations in parts per million of the following ions:
(1)  arsenic (as As)
(2)  bicarbonates (as HCO3)
(3)  calcium (as Ca)
(4)  chlorides (as C1)
(5)  copper (as Cu)
(6)  fluorine (as F)
(7)  magnesium (as Mg)
(8)  nitrates (as N)
(9)  lead (as Pb)
(10)  potassium (as K)
(11)  sodium (as Na)
(12)  sulphates (as SO4)
(13)  zinc (as Zn).
R.R.Q., 1981, c. Q-2, r. 5, s. 18.