P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

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6.8.5. Meat. Construction of vehicle: A vehicle intended for the transport of meat or meat products must meet the following requirements:
(a)  the inside walls or any other part which may come in contact with the meat or meat products must permit of cleansing and disinfecting and be of smooth and non-corrosive material in order not to affect the organoleptic properties of the meat or meat products or render them harmful to human health;
(b)  it must be airtight and watertight and so constructed as to prevent the presence of insects and dust;
(c)  in the case of fresh or refrigerated meat transported as carcasses, halves or quarters, it must be provided with non-corrosive suspension equipment and arranged so that the meat will not come in contact with the floor of the vehicle; this provision does not apply to frozen meat packed in conformity with paragraph b of section 6.8.6;
(d)  it must be entirely enclosed and open only during loading and unloading;
(e)  it must be designed and equipped so that the internal temperature of the meat does not exceed 7ºC until delivery, except in the case of frozen meat where the surrounding temperature must be such as to keep the product frozen.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. P-29, r. 1, s. 6.8.5.