P-13.1, r. 2.2 - Regulation respecting the selection procedure and the training of investigators of the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes

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5. Persons who wish to submit their candidacy forward their résumé containing the following information:
(1)  their name, address, home telephone number and, if applicable, office address and telephone number;
(2)  their date of birth;
(3)  the college and university diplomas they hold;
(4)  whether they have been a peace officer;
(5)  if they are a member of a professional order, the year of admission to the order, proof of membership and the number of years of practice, along with the main sectors of activity in which they have worked;
(6)  a description of the activities exercised and the experience relevant to the position of investigator;
(7)  where applicable, any conviction, in any place, for an act or omission defined in the Criminal Code (R.S.C. 1985, chapter C-46) as an offence, or any conviction for an offence referred to in section 183 of the Code contrary to one of the Acts listed therein, and a description of the act, omission or offence concerned and the imposed sentence;
(8)  where applicable, any conviction for a penal offence, together with a description of the offence concerned and the penalty imposed, if there is reasonable cause to believe that such an offence is likely to call into question the integrity or impartiality of the Bureau or the candidate;
(9)  where applicable, any disciplinary or ethics decision made in their regard, together with a description of the breach concerned and the penalty or disciplinary measure imposed;
(10)  the names and contact information of their employers or partners over the last 10 years;
(11)  the reasons for their interest in the position of investigator.
The persons must agree to being the subject of inquiries, in particular with the persons referred to in section 16.
Paper documents sent by mail are presumed received by the Bureau on the date of mailing. Technology-based documents are presumed received by the Bureau when they become accessible at the address of the Bureau, as provided in section 31 of the Act to establish a legal framework for information technology (chapter C-1.1).
O.C. 587-2014, s. 5.