P-13.1, r. 2.2 - Regulation respecting the selection procedure and the training of investigators of the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes

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15. The selection criteria that the committee must take into account in determining a candidate’s aptitude are
(1)  the candidate’s interpersonal, intrapersonal and operational skills;
(2)  the candidate’s personal and intellectual qualities;
(3)  the candidate’s experience and the relevancy of that experience in relation to the duties of an investigator of the Bureau;
(4)  the extent of the candidate’s knowledge or skills in view of the required qualifications, training or professional experience stated in the recruitment notice;
(5)  the candidate’s ability to carry out the duties of an investigator; and
(6)  the candidate’s conception of the duties of an investigator.
O.C. 587-2014, s. 15.