P-13.1, r. 2.02 - By-law respecting the internal discipline of police officers of Ville de Montréal

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7. At all time, police officers must avoid any situation of conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest.
Police officers must, in particular,
(1)  refuse or refrain from seeking benefits or favours for themselves or a third person, whatever the nature or the origins, in consideration of their status of police officer, except when authorized by the director;
(2)  refrain from using their status of police officer for personal use or benefits or for the benefits of a third person;
(3)  refrain from, directly or indirectly, exerting undue influence or obtaining or attempting to obtain a sum of money or any other benefit in return for a favour;
(4)  refrain from suggesting or recommending properties or services of a professional, a dealer or any other enterprise to a person with whom they have been in contact while performing their duties;
(5)  refrain from carrying out an activity incompatible with the function of police officer according to the Police Act (chapter P-13.1);
(6)  refrain from operating a business, holding employment, engaging in a trade or an activity or having an interest directly or indirectly in an enterprise of a nature to compromise their independence or that of the police department or to reduce their performance during working hours, including
i.  taxi driver or owner or operator of a taxi in the territory of Ville de Montréal;
ii.  owner, operator or employee of a pawnshop in the territory of Ville de Montréal;
iii.  police officer for another municipality or a government, except with the director’s authorization; and
iv.  correctional worker;
(7)  refrain from soliciting, collecting or allowing to solicit or collect money, property or services from a person, an enterprise or any other organization they know or should reasonably know to have a questionable or criminal reputation; and
(8)  refrain from engaging in a political activity prohibited under the Police Act.
O.C. 738-2015, s. 7.