P-13.1, r. 2.02 - By-law respecting the internal discipline of police officers of Ville de Montréal

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3. Police officers must promptly obey the orders and instructions of their superiors.
Police officers must, in particular,
(1)  follow every procedure and obey every instruction or policy in force at the police department;
(2)  give an account, at the request of the director or an officer, of their activities during working hours or outside working hours when they act or identify themselves as police officers;
(3)  perform the work assigned or be in the place designated by their superior;
(4)  refrain from urging to refuse to perform duties;
(5)  show respect and be polite toward their superiors; and
(6)  be present before the court or any other organization when they are called as a witness, unless they have a reason justifying their absence.
O.C. 738-2015, s. 3.