P-12, r. 5.01 - Code of ethics of podiatrists

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60.4. Podiatrists must ensure that the research subject or, where applicable, the research subject’s legal representative, is adequately informed
(1)  of the research project’s objectives and the manner in which it will be conducted, the advantages, risks or disadvantages related to the person’s participation, the fact, if applicable, that the podiatrist will derive a benefit from enrolling or maintaining the participant in the research project and any other element likely to influence the participant’s consent;
(2)  of the quality and reliability of the measures for the protection of the confidentiality of the information collected as part of the research project;
(3)  that free and enlightened written consent must be obtained before the person begins participating in the research project or when there is any significant change in the research protocol;
(4)  that the consent is revocable at any time;
(5)  that clear, specific and enlightened consent must be obtained before communicating information concerning the research subject to a third person for the purposes of scientific research; and
(6)  that the podiatrist intends to use, if applicable, an inadequately tested technique or treatment.
O.C. 1454-2022, s. 15.