P-10, r. 7 - Code of ethics of pharmacists

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86. Pharmacists must, in their relations with other pharmacists, students, interns and other professionals, conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy, respect and integrity. They must also
(1)  collaborate with other pharmacists and members of other professional orders, and endeavour to establish and maintain harmonious relations;
(2)  when consulted by other pharmacists, give their opinion and recommendations to them as soon as possible;
(3)  refrain from denigrating other pharmacists or professionals, breaching their trust, voluntarily misleading them, betraying good faith or engaging in disloyal practices;
(4)  refrain from soliciting the clientele of any other pharmacist with whom they are called upon to collaborate;
(5)  avoid claiming credit for work which rightfully belongs to another pharmacist, an intern, a student or any other person;
(6)  give a fair, honest and well-founded opinion when evaluating a student or an intern; and
(7)  refrain from harassing, intimidating or threatening any other pharmacist, a student, an intern or any other professional.
O.C. 467-2008, s. 86.