P-10, r. 7 - Code of ethics of pharmacists

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77. In addition to the acts referred to in sections 59 and 59.1 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26) and the act that may be determined pursuant to subparagraph 1 of the second paragraph of section 152 of the Code, the following acts are derogatory to the dignity of the profession:
(1)  being negligent in the practice of pharmacy;
(2)  performing an act that is not required or that is disproportionate to the patient’s needs or performing unnecessary or superfluous professional acts;
(3)  urging a person repeatedly or insistently to use the pharmacist’s services;
(4)  obtaining clients through an intermediary or making an arrangement with an intermediary for that purpose;
(5)  contravening, in Canada or abroad, Acts or regulations related to a substance listed in any of the Schedules to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (S.C. 1996, c. 19);
(6)  where a pharmacist is not the actual owner of a pharmacy, agreeing to allow his or her name be used to imply that the pharmacist is the actual owner of the pharmacy; and
(7)  where a pharmacist has no interest in a partnership or joint-stock company of pharmacists, allowing his or her name to be used to imply that the pharmacist has an interest in the partnership or joint-stock company.
O.C. 467-2008, s. 77.