P-10, r. 7 - Code of ethics of pharmacists

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103. Advertising by pharmacists or on their behalf that relates to the carrying on of activities reserved for them must clearly indicate that they are the only persons responsible for the activities.
When pharmacists mention the name of an enterprise with which they are affiliated in their advertising, including a chain or a banner, they must specify, if applicable, that they are owner pharmacists.
In written media, those particulars must form part of the advertisement and be written in letters no smaller than the size of the other letters. For other media, the particulars must be as visible and audible as any other written and audible element forming part of the advertisement.
Advertising that is false, misleading or liable to mislead the public or that suggests that such activities are carried on directly or indirectly by a person who is not a pharmacist contravenes this section.
O.C. 467-2008, s. 103.