O-7, r. 0.01 - Regulation respecting the acts that may be performed by optometric assistants

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2. For the purposes of this regulation, “optometric assistant” means any person who is entered before 26 February 2017 in a register kept by the Ordre des optométristes du Québec after satisfying the conditions of paragraphs (1) or (2):
(1)  successful completion of the following training no later than during the year preceding his entry in the register:
(a)  a training program in fitting ophthalmic eyeglasses for optometric assistants that includes a minimum of 72 hours divided up as follows:
i.  not less than 20 hours of introductory optometric science, particularly concerning the anatomy and the physiology of the eye, refractive errors and their correction methods;
ii.  not less than 52 hours of fitting techniques, particularly concerning the parameters necessary for the execution of an optical prescription, the taking of measurements, the adjustment and adaptation of frames, the effects of fitting on patient vision and comfort, as well as the general activities engaged in when delivering ophthalmic eyeglasses;
(b)  a comprehensive test, which comprises a theoretical component and a practical component, of the subjects taught in the training program contemplated by subparagraph a.
(2)  acquisition of the equivalent of 3 years of full-time work experience under the supervision of an optometrist or a dispensing optician during the 5 years preceding his entry in the register and the successful completion of the test contemplated by subparagraph b of paragraph (1) no later than during the year preceding his entry in the register.
The Board of Directors of the Order approves a training program that meets the requirements contemplated by subparagraph a of paragraph (1).
O.C. 43-2015, s. 2.