O-6, r. 9 - Regulation respecting terms and conditions for election to the board of directors of the Ordre des opticiens d’ordonnances du Québec

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2.08. Every ballot paper shall be void:
(a)  on which the voter cast his vote other than by a cross;
(b)  which contains more crosses than the number of directors to be elected for the region;
(c)  which is not certified by the secretary;
(d)  which is not the form prescribed in section 2.06;
(e)  which is not returned in the envelope addressed to the secretary of the Order and on which the word ELECTION is written;
(f)  which is not received at the head office of the Order on the date of the closing of the poll.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. O-6, r. 7, s. 2.08.