O-6, r. 3 - Code of ethics of dispensing opticians

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3.09.10. A dispensing optician advertising a price, a rebate, a discount, free goods or services or a commercial policy must:
(1)  specify the nature and extent of the services and the characteristics of the goods offered, unless the policy applies to all goods on the premises;
(2)  indicate that additional goods or services are required but not included, if such is the case;
(3)  mention any important fact that may help the public make an informed choice regarding the goods or services offered, particularly the fact that a good has been dicontinued; and
(4)  give more importance to the goods or services offered than to the price, rebate, discount or any other commercial policy.
The explanations and indications must be of such a nature as to inform persons who have no particular knowledge of the goods or services offered by a dispensing optician.
O.C. 1071-95, s. 2.