N-3, r. 2 - Code of ethics of notaries

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36. A notary may be released from professional secrecy only with the written authorization of the person concerned, or if required by law.
A notary who, under section 14.1 of the Notaries Act (chapter N-3), communicates information protected by professional secrecy in order to prevent an act of violence shall provide the following in a statement under professional oath:
(1)  the circumstances under which the information was communicated to him;
(2)  the content of the information;
(3)  the mode, date, and time of communication, the name and address of the person to whom the information was communicated, and if applicable, in what capacity that person received the information.
The statement must be kept in the client’s file.
O.C. 921-2002, s. 36; O.C. 1093-2005, s. 11.