N-3, r. 2 - Code of ethics of notaries

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12. Every notary shall exercise appropriate supervision over any student, employee, or other person for whom he is immediately responsible.
The notary must ensure that the Notarial Act (chapter N-2), the Notaries Act (chapter N-3) and the Professional Code (chapter C-26), and regulations made pursuant thereto, are respected by the employees, students, trainees, shareholders, partners, and all other persons he works with in the practice of the profession.
A notary who practices his profession in a partnership or joint-stock company within the meaning of the Civil Code or a partnership or company within the meaning of chapter VI.3 of the Professional Code shall ensure that the partnership or company respects the Notarial Act, the Notaries Act and the Professional Code, and regulations made pursuant thereto. Moreover, where he acts in his capacity as a public officer, he shall ensure that the partnership or company allows him to carry on his professional activities while respecting the principle of impartiality inherent to this role.
O.C. 921-2002, s. 12; O.C. 1093-2005, s. 1.