M-9, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in by a physician assistant in the Canadian Forces

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5. The physician assistant may, according to a prescription and in the presence of a physician, another qualified professional or a medical resident, engage in the following professional activities:
(1)  perform a venous puncture;
(2)  perform a radial arterial puncture;
(3)  perform intubation;
(4)  provide care and treatment for wounds and alterations of the skin;
(5)  make sutures of cutaneous and subcutaneous wounds;
(6)  apply plaster casts;
(7)  insert a short peripheral intravenous catheter;
(8)  introduce an instrument beyond the pharynx;
(9)  introduce an instrument beyond the urinary meatus;
(10)  provide tracheostomy maintenance care;
(11)  remove a foreign body from beyond the nasal vestibule, the external auditory canal, the skin or the surface of the eye;
(12)  make an incision and drain a superficial abscess;
(13)  irrigate an external auditory canal;
(14)  apply nasal packing.
O.C. 134-2008, s. 5.