M-9, r. 2.1 - Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in within the framework of pre-hospital emergency services and care

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10. In order to engage in the professional activities determined in sections 12 and 13, an ambulance technician trained in advanced care must
(1)  have experience relating to the practice of those activities totalling 24 months full time;
(2)  hold a university diploma in advanced emergency pre-hospital care issued by a Québec university under an undergraduate study program that includes a minimum of 60 credits or have received an equivalence by the national medical director, pursuant to subparagraph 8 of the first paragraph of section 6 of the Act respecting pre-hospital emergency services (chapter S-6.2);
(3)  be registered in the national workforce registry of ambulance technicians and have obtained an ambulance technician qualification certificate authorizing the ambulance technician to practise advanced pre-hospital care.
O.C. 26-2012, s. 10.