M-9, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the activities contemplated in section 31 of the Medical Act which may be engaged in by classes of persons other than physicians

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8.4. The nurse practitioner specialized in primary care engages in his or her activities under the following terms and conditions:
(1)  he or she prescribes diagnostic examinations stipulated in Schedule I to this Regulation;
(2)  he or she uses the following diagnostic techniques:
(a)  pelvic examination;
(b)  rectal touch;
(c)  cervico-vaginal smear;
(d)  radial arterial puncture;
(e)  puncture of olecranon bursa;
(3)  he or she prescribes medications and other substances in accordance with Schedule II to this Regulation and the provisions of Division II of the Règlement sur les normes relatives aux ordonnances faites par un médecin (chapter M-9, r. 25), with the necessary modifications;
(4)  he or she prescribes the following medical treatments:
(a)  cryotherapy, except on the face and internal genital organs;
(b)  eye irrigation;
(c)  fluorescein staining;
(d)  irrigating ears;
(e)  oxygenotherapy;
(f)  peripheral venous access;
(g)  cleansing enema;
(h)  bladder catheterization;
(i)  nasogastric tube;
(j)  immobilization of a limb using an open plaster or fibreglass splint in the absence of fracture, for a short term;
(5)  he or she uses the following medical techniques or applies the following medical treatments:
(a)  suture a wound, except below the fascia or in the presence of underlying lesions;
(b)  incise and drain an abscess above the fascia;
(c)  install an esophageal tracheal double cannula airway device;
(d)  partial onychectomy;
(e)  removal of superficial cutaneous lesions:
— molluscum pendulum or contagiosum;
— keratosis with a scalpel;
— small lipoma 1 cm;
(f)  install an IUD, except in a nulliparous woman;
(g)  remove an IUD.
O.C. 668-2007, s. 5; O.C. 1318-2011, s. 1.