M-9, r. 12.2 - Regulation respecting certain professional activities that may be engaged in by a pharmacist

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4. To be authorized to engage in the professional activity provided for in section 2, a pharmacist must successfully complete 2 hours of supplementary training covering the following elements:
(1)  ethical and professional considerations;
(2)  the procedure for prescribing medication:
(a)  the collection of information and assessment of signs and symptoms and of warning signs;
(b)  the decision-making process;
(c)  the writing of a prescription;
(d)  follow-up;
(e)  record-keeping and communication to the attending physician or the specialized nurse practitioner.
The training may have been acquired as part of a program of studies leading to a diploma giving access to the permit of the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec or as part of refresher training determined by the Order for the purpose of obtaining the permit.
O.C. 606-2013, s. 4.