M-9, r. 12.001 - Regulation respecting certain professional activities that may be engaged in by a nurse

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2. A nurse may, as part of the activity reserved to nurses to determine the treatment plan for wounds and alterations of the skin and teguments and to provide the required care and treatment,
(1)  prescribe the following laboratory analyses:
(a)  prealbumin and albumin;
(b)  wound culture;
(2)  prescribe the following products, medications and dressings associated with the treatment of wounds and alterations of the skin and teguments:
(a)  products creating a skin barrier;
(b)  topical medications, except sulfadiazine and those associated with dermatological or oncological treatment;
(c)  dressings.
Before prescribing an analysis, the nurse must make sure that a recent result for that analysis is not otherwise available for the patient.
Before prescribing products, medications or dressings to a patient with comorbidity factors, the nurse must obtain the medical assessment of the patient’s health condition.
The nurse must communicate to the attending physician or specialized nurse practitioner who is responsible for the follow-up of the patient’s condition the result of the laboratory analyses prescribed and the names of the dressings, products or medications prescribed.
O.C. 839-2015, s. 2.