M-9, r. 11 - Regulation respecting professional activities that may be engaged in by a medical electrophysiology technologist

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5. Any person who, on 30 April 2003, performed an activity stipulated in this section, is authorized to continue to perform such an activity:
(1)  an activity stipulated in section 3;
(2)  for the purpose of a cerebral electrophysiology examination, administration of the required radioactive substances in the presence of a physician;
(3)  for the purpose of a cardiac electrophysiology intervention, in the presence of a physician:
(a)  preparation and administration of urgently required medications using an intravenous line already in place, while monitoring the patient’s electrophysiology;
(b)  in an emergency situation, defibrillation of a patient suffering from induced acute ventricular arrhythmia, while monitoring the patient’s electrophysiology;
(c)  programming at the time of implantation and follow-up of a pace-maker;
(4)  for the purpose of a polysomnography examination:
(a)  introduction of an oesophageal balloon;
(b)  adjustment of the masks for a Bi-Pap or C-Pap;
(c)  administration of oral medication required to induce sleep.
O.C. 1281-2005, s. 5.