M-9, r. 11.1 - Regulation respecting certain professional activities that may be engaged in by an athletic therapist

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3. An athletic therapist may engage in the following professional activities with an athlete:
(1)  assess the athlete’s musculoskeletal function when the athlete has a limitation or disability of musculoskeletal origin and when the condition with which it is associated, if any, is in a chronic phase and a controlled state;
(2)  use invasive forms of energy;
(3)  provide treatment for wounds;
(4)  administer prescribed topical medications for the purpose of using invasive forms of energy and when providing treatment for wounds.
An athletic therapist must engage in those professional activities for the purpose of supervising athletes in the preparation and execution of their physical activity, offer them first aid on training and competition sites, determine their treatment plan and assess and treat their limitation or disability of musculoskeletal origin in order to obtain optimal functional performance.
O.C. 345-2012, s. 3.