M-8, r. 4 - Code of ethics of veterinary surgeons

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9. A veterinary surgeon shall carry on his professional activities with integrity and in particular for that purpose,
(1)  avoid any misrepresentation as to his level of competence or the effectiveness of his services, those generally provided by the members of the profession and any person assisting the veterinary surgeon in carrying on his professional activities and, if applicable, those provided by the persons carrying on professional activities within the same partnership or joint-stock company. If the good of the animal so requires, the veterinary surgeon shall consult another veterinary surgeon or, with the client’s authorization, refer the case to that person;
(2)  endeavour to obtain full knowledge of all the facts before expressing an opinion, providing a service or giving advice and explain in a complete and objective manner to the client the nature and scope of the problem on the basis of the facts brought to his attention;
(3)  make a diagnosis, implement a prophylactic program or prescribe medications only after personally conducting an appropriate examination of the animal or a population of animals;
(4)  inform the client of the nature of the medications prescribed, the methods of administering and preserving them, their expiry date, the withdrawal period, any danger associated with them, and their safe disposal;
(5)  take the necessary measures to prevent veterinary acts from being performed in his workplace by unauthorized persons;
(6)  control at all times the purchase, sale, storage and inventory of medications and manage secure recovery of expired or unused medications for the purpose of destroying them;
(7)  refrain from selling medications included on the list of medications made under section 9 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act (chapter M-8) without an appropriate prescription. On the request of the syndic, an assistant syndic, a corresponding syndic, an investigator or an inspector of the professional inspection committee, the veterinary surgeon must be able at all times to reconcile the sale of medications sold in the preceding 5 years with the corresponding prescriptions; and
(8)  refrain from prescribing, selling, giving or enabling anyone to obtain medications without sufficient medical grounds or for the purposes of human consumption.
O.C. 1149-93, s. 9; O.C. 364-2008, s. 8.