M-8, r. 4 - Code of ethics of veterinary surgeons

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10. In the practice of his profession, a veterinary surgeon shall fully commit his civil liability. The veterinary surgeon shall not evade or attempt to evade his civil liability, or request a client or any other person to waive any remedy in the event of professional negligence on his part. A veterinary surgeon shall not include in a contract for professional services any clause that directly or indirectly excludes all or part of such liability. Similarly, a veterinary surgeon shall not invoke the liability of the partnership or joint-stock company within which he carries on professional activities or that of another person also carrying on activities within the partnership or joint-stock company as a ground for excluding or limiting his professional liability.
A veterinary surgeon shall also inform his client as soon as possible of any incident, accident or complication likely to have or that has had a significant impact on the state of health of an animal or a population of animals.
O.C. 1149-93, s. 10; O.C. 364-2008, s. 9.