M-4, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the admission and discipline of members of the Corporation of Master Pipe-Mechanics of Québec

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62. A member against whom a default decision was issued based on the member’s failure to appear may request that the committee on discipline revoke its decision, if the member was prevented from appearing for a serious reason or because of an event beyond the member’s control which made it physically impossible for the member to be present at the hearing.
The request must be made in writing, sent to the director general and be received at the head office of the Corporation within 20 days from the date the decision was sent.
When the member appears before the committee on discipline, the member must provide proof of the reasons which prevented the member from attending the hearing. If the committee grants the request to have the decision revoked, it shall hear the complaint immediately unless it schedules another hearing date.
O.C. 103-2005, s. 62.