M-4, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the admission and discipline of members of the Corporation of Master Pipe-Mechanics of Québec

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19. In addition to the provisions of section 19 of the Act, a member commits an act derogatory to the honour of the trade of master pipe-mechanic and is liable to the disciplinary measures referred to in section 72 where the member
(1)  denigrates a fellow member, abuses the good faith of a fellow member, makes false representations or maliciously files an unfounded complaint against a fellow member;
(2)  engages in dubious, disloyal, dishonest or unlawful practices in the practice of the trade, in particular when seeking contracts;
(3)  engages in fraudulent practices against a client, employee or other person or authority in the practice of the trade, in particular in the performance of work or a contract;
(4)  has been found guilty in a final judgment or has pleaded guilty to an offence under the Acts or regulations relating to the practice of the trade, and thereby adversely affects the protection of the public;
(5)  has been found guilty in a final judgment or has pleaded guilty to a criminal offence resulting in a loss of public trust in the member’s practice of the trade;
(6)  speaks on behalf of the Corporation without authorization, acts in a disloyal, dishonest or unlawful manner to the detriment of the Corporation or adversely affects the reputation or activities of the Corporation;
(7)  allows the use of the member’s title and what it entails or acts as a prête-nom for another person;
(8)  participates in or contributes to the illegal practice of the trade, such as allowing a person who is not a member of the Corporation to perform or cause to be performed work referred to in the Act;
(9)  refuses to provide relevant information or documents to the Corporation or the Bureau des soumissions déposées du Québec required for an investigation carried out for the purpose of examining a complaint;
(10)  seeks to deceive or deceives the Corporation regarding the member’s eligibility or the eligibility of another person to membership in the Corporation;
(11)  does not indemnify a client in the case of fraud, embezzlement or misuse of funds or in a case where a client has sustained a loss as a result of a failure to carry out or a carrying out of construction work or of the member’s legal or contractual obligations;
(12)  does not comply with a final judgment of a court involving professional conduct or liability;
(13)  practises or leads people to believe the member is able to practise a specialty of the trade without holding a building contractor’s licence issued pursuant to the Building Act (chapter B-1.1) that includes the subcategory relating to that specialty;
(14)  does not reimburse the Corporation acting as surety for compensation paid by the Corporation to a beneficiary on the member’s account;
(15)  fails to fulfil the obligations or perform the duties set out in section 21; or
(16)  contravenes a provision of this Regulation.
O.C. 103-2005, s. 19.