M-4, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the admission and discipline of members of the Corporation of Master Pipe-Mechanics of Québec

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18. A member of the Corporation must
(1)  post the membership certificate in public view in the member’s principal establishment;
(2)  be identified by and use only the name or names under which the member has been admitted and registered as a member of the Corporation;
(3)  provide an address and telephone number that remain valid at all times; listings in telephone books and directories must show the same address and telephone number as those provided to the Corporation;
(4)  show the Corporation’s logo in any form of publicity made by the member, and on estimates, tender bids, contracts, invoices, statements of account and any other document used for business purposes;
(5)  display on every vehicle used for business, in a visible location,
(a)  the member’s name and nature of the member’s trade in letters at least 5 cm high; and
(b)  the Corporation’s graphic symbol measuring at least 10.5 cm by 14.3 cm; and
(6)  comply with all other requirements of this Regulation.
A new member must meet the requirements of subparagraphs 4 and 5 of the first paragraph within 60 days after being admitted to the Corporation.
O.C. 103-2005, s. 18.