M-32.2, r. 1 - Terms and conditions respecting the signing of certain deeds, documents and writings of the ministère du Travail

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11. The Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for the labour relations sector, the director general who performs duties in matters of labour relations, mediation-conciliation, prevention and arbitration and a director under the latter’s responsibility are authorized to sign
(1)  a writing designating a person to act, upon a joint application by the parties, as a mediator under the first paragraph of section 94 of the Labour Code (chapter C-27);
(2)  a writing granting an extension to a mediator, in accordance with the second paragraph of section 94 of the Code;
(3)  a writing notifying the parties that the dispute shall be referred to an arbitrator or a mediator-arbitrator according to the form of arbitration selected in accordance with the first paragraph of section 97 of the Code;
(4)  a writing enabling a copy of the mediator’s report to be forwarded to the arbitrator, in accordance with the third paragraph of section 98 of the Code; and
(5)  a writing notifying the parties of the date on which the Minister of Labour received the notice according to which a report was made public, in accordance with the second paragraph of section 50 of the Act respecting the process of negotiation of the collective agreements in the public and parapublic sectors (chapter R-8.2).
O.C. 1028-2007, s. 11.