M-25.2, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the signing of certain deeds, documents and writings of the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune

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2. An associate deputy minister, an assistant deputy minister, a director general or an assistant director general is authorized to sign the following documents in respect of the sector or directorate for which he or she is responsible:
(1)  supply contracts;
(2)  service contracts;
(3)  construction contracts;
(4)  concession contracts and business partnership contracts;
(5)  deeds for the acquisition and transfer of immovable rights and property other than those referred to in Division III;
(6)  leases for the rental of immovables for occasional and seasonal needs of the Department;
(7)  promises and grants of subsidies for which the granting standards and eligibility criteria have been approved by the Government or the Conseil du trésor;
(8)  leases for telecommunication equipment;
(9)  any deed, document or writing pertaining to copyright and intellectual property;
(10)  authorizations for out-of-court settlements with or without consideration, and transactions, discharges and subrogations;
(11)  credit agreements;
(12)  agreements for the protection and conservation of wildlife; and
(13)  leases resulting from agreements entered into with Natives within the meaning of the Act respecting Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native persons (chapter A-33.1) in the territories covered by the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement and the Northeastern Québec Agreement.
O.C. 1455-95, s. 2; O.C. 1073-2000, s. 1; O.C. 960-2004, s. 3.