M-17.2, r. 2 - Terms and conditions of the signing of certain deeds, documents or writings of the Ministère de la Famille

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16. The Director or the Assistant Director of the Direction de l’inspection is authorized to sign
(1)  written notices of non-compliance pursuant to section 65 of that Act;
(2)  any document ordering such work as is necessary to make the premises or equipment comply or prohibiting access to the premises or equipment until the situation is corrected pursuant to section 74 of that Act; and
(3)  any document related to the suspension or cancellation of an inspector’s decision pursuant to section 75 of that Act;
(4)  any document authorizing access to premises or play equipment when they are no longer a hazard and the removal of any seals pursuant to section 77 of that Act;
(5)  any document related to the evacuation or closure of a facility where activities for which a permit or recognition is required pursuant to section 120 of that Act are carried on without a permit or recognition.
O.C. 485-2013, s. 16.