M-17.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the signing of certain deeds, documents and writings of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications

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19.1. The persons who have the rank of assistant or associate deputy minister at the department and those who hold a position of director, director general and regional director are authorized, within the limits of their respective duties, to sign any document pertaining to the promise or granting of subsidies from one of the following programs, approved, as the case may be, by the Minister, the Conseil du trésor or the Government:
(1)  the operational assistance program concerning
— regional service centres for public libraries;
— recognized museums;
— pluridisciplinary distributors in the performing arts;
— advanced art training organizations;
— specialized art training organizations (preparatory or recreation);
— national heritage organizations;
— national organizations for young amateurs and national cultural recreation organizations;
— umbrella organizations;
— community media; and
— local aboriginal radio stations;
(2)  the project assistance program concerning stand-alone public library collection development projects.
O.C. 222-2014, s. 1.