M-15, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the delegations of powers and duties of the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports

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3. (Revoked).
O.C. 1081-2000, s. 3; S.Q. 2013. c. 28, s. 199.
3. The Deputy Minister and the Assistant Deputy Minister for college education are each authorized to exercise, in the place of the Minister, the following powers and duties:
(1)  approving by-laws of colleges prescribing the payment of admission or registration fees for college instruction services, or other fees pertaining to such services, in accordance with section 24.5 of the General and Vocational Colleges Act (chapter C-29);
(2)  determining the remedial activities that colleges may impose and the number of credits which may be awarded for those activities, in accordance with the second paragraph of section 3 of the College Education Regulations (chapter C-29, r. 4);
(3)  determining the deadline beyond which students may not drop a course without a failing mark being entered on their report, in accordance with section 29 of the College Education Regulations.
O.C. 1081-2000, s. 3.