M-13.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting mineral substances other than petroleum, natural gas and brine

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94. The following plans or certified copies of the plans shall be sent to the Minister in accordance with section 223 of the Act:
(1)  a surface plan showing the boundaries of the land that is subject to a mining right, watercourses and water bodies, railways, power lines, surface openings of any underground works, open-pit mines, accumulation areas, as defined in section 107, including those located outside the boundaries of the land, and the areas of those accumulation areas that were subject to restoration work, buildings and other installations, tailing stockpiles and rock outcrops and all other works carried out on the surface;
(2)  plans of underground works showing for each level, drifts, cross-cuts, shafts and raises, shelters, emergency exits and all outlets to other mines;
(3)  plans in the form of vertical sections showing the position of underground works and open-pit mines in relation to the surface of the land and that of the bedrock.
The plans shall comprise all the works existing in the mine on 31 December of the year preceding their transmission and be drawn to a scale not smaller than 1:2 500 for underground works or not smaller than 1:5 000 for surface works.
O.C. 1042-2000, s. 94.