M-13.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting mineral substances other than petroleum, natural gas and brine

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76. The following information shall be given on the plans and maps attached to the survey work report in the case of a report on geological surveys:
(1)  where applicable, the outline of outcrops, the extent and type of glacial deposits, the location of significant mineralized boulders or boulder trains and the direction of glacial striae;
(2)  the identification of the various rock types observed in the course of the geological survey or of previous work, which shall be designated by means of names, figures, letters or symbols whose meaning shall be given in the table of formations shown on at least one of the geological maps;
(3)  the outline of geological contours, alteration zones, observed or assumed mineralized zones and the observed textural features;
(4)  where applicable, the strike, dip and top of beds or rock units and pillowed lava, the strike and dip of foliation, cleavage, schistosity, principal joints, shear zones and faults and the known or assumed direction of movement along such faults and shear zones; the trend and plunge of lineation, the axial trace and the type of folds;
(5)  where applicable, the site from which tested and analyzed samples were taken and the location of drill-holes, exploration pits and trenches, areas of rock stripping, sand pits, gravel pits and quarries.
O.C. 1042-2000, s. 76.