M-13.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting mineral substances other than petroleum, natural gas and brine

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125. The application for approval shall be accompanied by the following documents:
(1)  a plan, established to a scale of 1:5 000, showing the areas used for the transportation and storage of tailings and specifying the surface area of the projected site for the storage of mine tailings;
(2)  a survey plan of the site to be used as a storage area for mine tailings where the latter is situated on lands in the domain of the State; if the site is situated on a parcel of land subject to an exclusive lease to mine surface mineral substances, its perimeter may be defined by UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) rectangular coordinates and the zone, according to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83), and its system of geodesic coordinates in effect, in compliance with the National Topographic System (NTS) of Canada; in the latter case, the apexes of the perimeter shall be numbered on the map and a list of corresponding coordinates shall be attached to the map;
(3)  a report containing the geological data on the land to be used as a storage area for mine tailings.
The plan referred to in subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph shall be certified, dated and signed by an engineer and the survey plan referred to in subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph shall be made by a land surveyor in accordance with Chapter VIII of this Regulation and the instructions of the Minister given under the second paragraph of section 210 of the Act.
O.C. 1042-2000, s. 125; O.C. 74-2005, s. 13.