M-13.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting petroleum, natural gas and underground reservoirs

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75. The application must be accompanied by:
(1)  a cadastral map or, failing that, a topographic map illustrating the location of the well on the property;
(2)  a declaration giving the circumstances of the discovery of natural gas;
(3)  a well completion program indicating
(a)  the type of drilling rig that will be used for the completion and its specifications;
(b)  the chronological description of the operations that will be carried out during the completion;
(c)  the pressure to which the equipment will be subjected;
(4)  a description of all equipment from the wellhead to the place of utilization;
(5)  a description of the use that will be made of the natural gas;
(6)  payment of the rent for the first year of the lease, equivalent to 17% of the cost of residence energy requirements calculated in accordance with Hydro-Québec electricity rates applicable to the domestic sector.
O.C. 1539-88, s. 75; O.C. 1381-2009, s. 42.